A call for node.js expertise to help a depressed developer

Hi. I am going to keep this brief in case it is an inappropriate post. I would love to hear from anyone who has node.js expertise and some sympathy with my situation - depressed and against a deadline on a freelance project. I am not sure if this is allowed on the forum but if you are able to offer any help, even if only for a few minutes or an hour then please PM me. I am just looking for a kick start to get me back to being productive and not lying in bed. I think its important for my mental health to complete the project. Thanks!

I don’t have any node experience, but wanted to at least respond and say if nothing else it’s a good thing to ask for help and seek out options.

In lieu of actual help, maybe you could say a little bit about where you’re at in the project and what’s next on the todo list?