Article: The expendables, how game dev standards are inherently harmful

devpressed is a great start in sharing these kinds of stories and for seeking help:

While there is a movement on social media where people can share their stories, it is rare for gaming companies to have any kind of internal discussion about policies and workload. Colleagues don’t talk with each other about what they’re going through. Because of this, you have no idea if you’re the only one thinking that your company is abusive towards a certain group of people, or if you’re the only one suffering. It’s easy to end up thinking that everyone else is handling the pressure just fine, and that you’re just weak.

coping strategy:

As someone with anxiety I quickly learned how to panic “gracefully”. I found a bathroom on the top floor office that was rarely used, where I could curl up in a corner until the motion sensor lights went out and slowly find my way back to breathing normally. I learned how to handle being stuck in a meeting room with an abusive coworker for three hours straight, and only breaking down in the arms of my partner once I got home in the evening.

truest, saddest words:

If you’re anxious; depressed; if you’re mentally or chronically ill, it’s expected of you to adapt to a harmful work environment. But if you don’t – if you break – you’re just another expendable talent who burned brightly and quickly