Development Studio or Model Agency?

What’s going these days? Browsing through some job vacancies and all I see is a lot of metro-dudes with beards and big glasses and girls sipping coffee, doing nothing but laughing and talking behind their Apple’s. It scares me… I just want to work on some websites, design them and code them and call it a day. Make some money and leave the place at 5pm.

But it seems nowadays you need to be a model to fit in or something? I hate these offices nowadays where you and 9 other employees sit behind one large wooden design table working on some ‘interesting’ project for a client who is too dumb to understand that he’s actually paying for fancy-pancy-crew-holidays and the exclusive brand of coffee for the office.

Need to make some money, have a steady paycheck, but when I see those ‘webdesign’ companies nowadays I want to run away as far as I can. Man, can I please have my own office or something? I need to think while I’m working and I can’t do that while fellow employees are talking about the latest model of skinny jeans.

Sorry for the rant. I’m feeling the developer scene is flooded with extravert models instead of introvert geeks nowadays.

It isn’t about introvert vs extrovert; it’s about power. Guess who has the offices in those open-plan environments? That’s right, all the executives and maybe a few managers. Because their work is infinitely more important and must be done in a quiet environment (which is ridiculous, most execs are out of their office anyway).

Your best option is remote work and even then you’ll have to deal with the grind of a daily stand-up/online status meeting.

Check this site out:

Just watch out for the body-shops; those consulting gigs that want to burn you out :smile: