Feedback Needed on New Workload Management App

Hi everyone, I’m currently designing a workload management feature for a well-known HR software. We’re looking for some early feedback on a couple of concepts.

Please walk through options A&B, and help us answer some questions:

Option A
Option B

Which one more accurately describes the feeling below?

  1. The app gives me clarity about my workload.
  2. The app gives me the options I need to manage my workload.
  3. The app reduces my level of stress.

Some additional questions:

  1. What did you like/dislike about app A&B?
  2. Do you have any suggestions to improve either experience?

Your input is much appreciated and will help us improve workplace culture around stress & mental health in a very real way!

Thank you so much,

i’m not enough of an expert to offer my feedback by i was wondering which one have you chosen? and why? i need information about this on my instant pot recipes project, if possible. thanks for sharing it.