How can we improve Devpressed?


HTTPS would be nice, preferably with Ephemeral DH for Perfect Forward Secrecy.
Bad enough everyone on the LAN can see where you’re connecting to but worse when they can watch you post. And when you browse over TOR/VPN/whatever the exitnode/VPN-server sees the content if not encrypted…


The ability to become anonymous for particular threads only, like in Quora, would be a good addition to this site. I generally don’t mind talking about my depression publicly, but I can imagine some circumstances where I might wish to become anonymous temporarily, and making this a feature rather than requiring us to logout and login by email would reduce the barrier to entry.

Also, while typing this I got a panel whose first sentence was “Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?” - that can feel too aggressive to depressed folk. People with an already reduced sense of self-worth are likely to back away from participating due to this.