hpr1328 :: A Hacker's Perspective On Schizophrenia

"In this episode sigflup talks about her schizophrenia with her unique perspective as a hacker."
HPR 1328

I think her insight and perception of her mental illness migth help some of us to identify some patterns in their own thought processes that maybe aren’t supposed to work this way (e.g. thinking one deserves unhappyness/not being able to feel pleasure or happyness).

PS: I’m not sure if this one belongs into the “stories” category…

What was up with that intro music? Took an eternity. Also, if there is a transcript. That would be cool.

Schizophrenia is a pretty uncommon disease. Identifying patterns in your own thought processes is a healthy step in maintaining a healthy mind. However, I think if you’re having problems with things day to day you should see a therapist, because it’s easy to get into a Feedback loop with your own thoughts.