I feel lonely as a programmer

My name is Guido and I’m 25 years old, I live in Argentina.

I started programming 4 years ago and am working in a place where I feel really comfortable. I’m happily married since a year.

My problem is that, as a programmer, I feel really lonely. I know so few programmers that would want to collaborate with me on projects. And the majority are often too busy with getting graduated or working, or whatever.

I have two ongoing projects, but I’m developing them all by myself and it feels really tough doing it on my own. It’s really painful to keep up with it.

My main project is learneet.herokuapp.com

I really wished I was part of an open source project, I wished that I had more programming friends, not just being some guy that goes around doing pull requests on random projects.

So, yeah, this part of my life has been really painful to me. I only wished that I have some programming friends that I could give/receive help to/from them.

I feel that there’s these huge programmers out there creating these libraries and framework, and websites, but I’m just here sitting watching life go by because of my unconnectedness.

Also, this forum is great.

Hi Guido,

I agree that programming can be quite isolating, especially if there’s nobody around to talk about things with.

Are there any user groups/meetups related to the programming languages you use? I’ve been to Python and Linux related groups in the past…

@guidi somehow you have a reason to go on with your two projects. So if they make sense to you to keep spending time on, they probably also make sense to others to spend time one. The only problem is probably, that noone knows about your projects. So start promoting your projects. Go to usergroups, meetups and conferences as @nnn suggested, and talk with people about your projects. Start giving presentations on your projects. Maybe even open-source them to build a community around it.
Building a community takes time and hard work, so you have to decide if these projects are worth doing all that.

An easier way is to join an existing community. Besides the pull-requests on random projects, you can have some main project(s) that already have a community and start contributing to them. Join the community, join their meetups/conferences/irc etc.
Your current main projects may then become side projects, but you get a community back for it :smile: