I'm scared and feel as if my world is falling apart

Hello. I am a teacher who lost his job mid-year. Will be losing my health benefits at the end of the month. I have feverishly been applying for teacher jobs for now and for the new school year 2020-2021. I have had many phone interviews last week and the week before. I’m just waiting to hear back from some of them. But what I am scared if now is that all NYC schools are closed because of this cursed coronavirus. Schools are closed until April 20. I am scared because now I feel that I won’t hear from principals or HR because of the school closings. After all… since schools are closed for the foreseeable future, won’t HR l, recruiters, and administrators not working and, therefore, not looking at applicants? Should I even follow up with the schools that interviewed me or just cut them off as losses? Do these people still see my online applications even if schools are closed due to the coronavirus. Iam very frustrated now. Please give any advice that you can. I feel lost and at my wit’s end. It’s appreciated. Thanks.

I cannot tell for sure if the school staff is working from home or not. If they are working from home, it is unlikely they will see your application. It depends on what kind of technology they have, can they access school resources with VPN for example from home laptop or not. Despite the fact that there is no teaching, or the classes are online, administrative work and other schoolwork is still needed maybe and this way they should be working from home I guess. This is just my line of thought regarding schools.
I am pretty sure recruiters have a way to work from home/remotely, but then again if the recruiters cannot forward your application because the school will not see it, it is the same situation.
You can follow up with some schools if you would like, after all, the worst thing is being kept in uncertanity, so you have nothing to lose if you make a call.