The Best Description of Depression I've Ever Heard

This is phenomenal:


I was just reading this! I second the recommendation.

Thank you Jonah. It’s encouraging to hear that.

You are, in fact, not alone.

An excellent description indeed, annoyingly I have seen many people read this and assume it is either a joke or inaccurate in some way and still give dead goldfish related advice.

I’ve shared that with so many people since I saw it. A number said that they finally understood what I’ve been going through because of it.

Thank you for posting this. I saw the first part, but I never knew there was a second part. The metaphors the author uses are very well-thought out, it’s really amazing to see depression in the words she uses. I made popcorn today and it made me think about the kernels that fell on my floor. I think I should go pick them up so they’re not so lonely.

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