Welcome Back depression

Days from the last time I wrote about my depression, because it was gone no more sadness no more empty feeling no more depression. I thought I recovered from my depression, but i started applying for college and had a lot of confidence nothing could go wrong, even my father started showing me good colleges.
Two days ago he told me: that after two days a big oil college will open for the New Semester.
So i waited for it. Today i visited the college website and i applied for studying for the new semester but when the website asked me about my GPA i wrote 89.90
When I wrote that a popup message appears with some depression in the top of the screen saying: Your GPA is not good enough for us
I started welcoming my depression and my sadness and the empty feeling back.
I did’t want that college but still saying no really got to me.

Life is more than a college , it depends on how you look the things from a certain perspective . You can see it as a failure or as an opportunity to improve . Everything is just a perception . Define what you want in short term , why do you want it and what for do you want it . Once you have enough consciousness you can take smart decisions .