5 years experience but can't pass interview coding exercise stage of job applications


I am wondering is there is anyone else out there in the same position as me. I have almost 5 years experience and I really enjoy my job but I have been testing the water for a new role.

I have been unable to pass the programming test section of any of the 5 or so applications I have made. While, I have 5 years experience, I am not tasked with bigger projects in my current role. Am I an imposter or do other people with similar experience encounter setbacks like this. Most of this have been live shared screen tests on simply enough exercise like prime numbers in a range or Tic, Tac, Toe games.

I am posting this here because it is affecting my confidence.


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Hi there, and really sorry to hear about your struggles re interviews… which seems to be a trend in the field.

While it is a rare that someone considers if they are qualified or imposters of some mysterious privilege, wondering speaks volumes to your character and to how hard you put the effort that you claim - this is to your credit.

I don’t think it is fair to carry all the burden of how you got to this moment of confusion and doubt, after all you have been applying yourself in a job which in return affords you opportunities for growth along with experience.

So on very abstract terms, you may share in some of the burden, and until you know what it is you could have done different (ie moving forward from here) you could only do what you think is needed to shoulder aspects that are on you.

I am not sure if I can give more concrete feedback particular to your tech space - can u elaborate on this a bit to see if I might?

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Moderators, I don’t think the last comment above by a brand new member was very helpful but I can’t figure out where to flag it, please help.

Thanks @adobobado - I’ve flagged + sent a message on why it was removed.

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