A positive development

I’ve posted on here several times about the rough time I’m going through. My confidence is shot, and I am in fear of failing out of my career.

That said, I didn’t want to only show up when things were bad. Over the past week or so, I finally started learning some new technologies and started a side project!

I’ve been learning about the Spring Framework and WebSockets, so I am writing an application that lets you monitor a log file real-time from a browser. There are already several projects out there like this, but I’m mostly doing it as a learning exercise. Still, it has helped my depression quite a bit to make positive progress on this!

I also have been learning all about Gradle, which is my new favorite build tool.

If anyone’s curious, the project is here: https://github.com/joeattardi/tailstreamer

I hope things are going well for the rest of you.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing it. Good news is always welcome, and it’s encouraging to see other people with similar problems making progress. It helps convince us that we can, too. :smile: