ADHD Child In Classroom


I’m a classroom teacher and there is this one pupil who is 7 years old. He’s an ADHD kid. He’s always looking for a trouble. Every time I started my lesson he even doing movements, It can distract the other kids and I can say also that he is difficult in keeping focus during activity or homework. I thought this is just normal for someone like him because he is a kid.
Can you give me some tips or suggestions on how can I improve the behavior of an ADHD child in the classroom as his teacher?


Does your school have a form IEP process with a school psychologist? If you’re at a smaller private school, does the local school district have those resources?

Depending on the needs, the student may need more of a 504 plan where there are special accommodations made to his environment. Info re: IEP & 504

I’m assuming you’re in the US and by the sounds of it do not have special education resources at your disposal.

I’m not a special education teacher, but I have family members who are and have been through things with my own children. Most of the time I’d summarize what helps as more or less common sense and empathetic proactive measures. Does he like a certain book or task? Does he not like to be in a specific area or around specific peers? Use positive enforcement to get a reasonable amount of compliance according to his ability.


About your concern, I can suggest a website who has a blog about tips and suggestions about ADHD Child. You really need it in order for you to handle that kind of child’s attitude.