Am i right for the job? Am i paranoid? Am i right for thinking this way?

I recently have been getting a lot of job interviews for IT help desk. I have started volunteering at a medical facility where I am an EUS technical specialist. I have been doing this for about a month. I am scared because I really want the job the pay raise is exactly what I need and it will help further my career. I am not sure if i am ready for a job in this field yet i don’t know much and i understand you can learn on the job but I’m scared i don’t even know enough to get through the door. Am i the only one? Please, someone, give me advice’. I’ve never felt so stupid in my life and im worried it will get worse because i want to go into robotics.

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You’re not the only one @violetlova1 :slight_smile: Searching for work and changing careers can cause quite a bit of fear. In my experience, I’ve typically found that I didn’t have to worry about not “knowing enough”. After applying, employers would either contact me for an interview or they wouldn’t, based on my qualifications.

If I got the interview and then the job but was unable to do my job, they would let me know by firing me or working with me to fill in any gaps of knowledge I needed to perform my work better.

Talking with some type of job coach might also be helpful. Do you know if there’s anyone like that in your area? Perhaps a county-run jobs and development program? I remember seeing someone who worked for a county program and getting help with office skills and interviewing techniques. And it was free.

You’re definitely not the only one; it’s hard to balance the knowing it is something you want to achieve and the contemplation of whether you’re ready / have the desired skill set for it. I try to remind myself to let them be the ones decide whether or not I have “what it takes” - don’t take yourself out of the running before you know!

Is it possible to ask more clarifying questions or get more practical examples that could give you a better idea of where you’re at in the scheme of what they’re looking for? Getting interviews sounds like a great sign to me!

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I got the job but the interview was very fast . They are gonna do a test run with me (as a temp) if i fit they will hire me full time. I am worried because i dont know much about the terms or what to do in it help desk.

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Congratulations on the trial! If certain aspects of on-boarding or the process are unclear, make sure to ask to clarify. It’s the appropriate + perfect time to ask when you’re new; the expectation shouldn’t be that you’re a mind reader :slight_smile:


@violetlova1I remember my first help desk job. I had worked on computers since I was 18, but never worked a help desk before, or gave support to customers over the phone. The employer was aware that I lacked experience; but he had experience training people without experience. :slight_smile: Along with what @allisonplus said above, I would say try to remember that your employer will take into account your “newness” and will only expect that you can do what you can do.

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@violetlova1I forgot to congratulate you! Congratulations! :slight_smile: Let us know here if we can help you work through any new job-related stress. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thank you guys . Im on day 4 tomorrow. I only local rights (i understand it takes a while before you get admin rights). Im still horribly stressed . I havent really gotten that many calls most people are use to the other it person so they dont really trust me to do anything. . I feel like im an imposter to be honest. Im sorry for complaining alot im just super scared they will think i dont know enough. I have never use the software they use and alot of the materials they use i havent used. Please tell me this is normal and it gets better. I really dont want to believe this isnt my career path.

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Stay the course! It would be really surprising to me if you felt super comfortable as soon as Day 4, @violetlova1. I don’t know anyone who has felt ‘totally fine’ at that point in a new gig. Even if you were familiar with the tools + materials, you still need to get the lay of the land and get accustomed to their communication style, etc. You can’t control the number of people calling you for assistance; all you can do is help them when they do call to the best of your ability.

You got this! Keep asking questions and familiarizing yourself with their software.

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I don’t see it as complaining. And your feelings sound very natural to me. I hope you continue to cope.

I suggest allowing your employer or supervisor to decide that. If you’re able to acknowledge your worry and give it compassion, remain focused on learning, then you’ll continue to improve at your job. Most jobs that challenge a person are overwhelming. You’ll notice that gradually you absorb new information, and your brain gets used to it and thinking in a different way. Then one day soon, you’ll realize that the feelings of being overwhelmed are gone.

Please remember to give yourself credit for having the courage and desire to make a better life for yourself and facing the obstacles that go along with it. It’s ok to be afraid, that’s part of being human, and confronting fear is what courage is all about.

I’m glad you posted an update. :slight_smile:

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