Anxiety, ADD, and accomplishing goals

So I’ve been going to therapy and I am now on Welbutrin for depression. I am no longer experiencing bouts of random extreme depression, but I’m still struggling to accomplish tasks.

My therapist says that my anxiety coping mechanisms are only avoidance so I’m not completing tasks because responsibility makes me anxious and therefore I don’t do them to avoid this anxiety. This obviously doesn’t work as the task doesn’t get done which makes me more anxious, which leads to further avoidance.

I’m actually not a bad programmer, and the tasks that need to be done are often tasks that I know I can complete.

Anyone have a similar experience or tips to help me cope with this?

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Just wanted to let you know that I totally relate to this and I think avoidance of responsibility is a really interesting insight which I had not considered.

I also fear the failure of not being able to complete a simple task and the downward spiral that may trigger.

Well, it’s not avoidance of responsibility. It’s avoidance of the anxiety that comes along with certain responsibilities. Other responsibilities I have no problem completing.

I hear you. I have been off work for several months after another major depressive episode. I am just starting to do some small remote projects (for peanuts) and really struggling. I did have a better day today, though, and figured a few things out on my own rather than resorting to stackoverflow.

I don’t think “resorting to stack overflow” is a problem. Who cares? It’s all about results and delivering the work. Eventually, you’ll have completed the same task so many times you won’t even have to reference.