Anxiety and sleep procrastination

I have an issue that has been bothering me for at least a month.

Every night, I go to bed anxious about what’s coming next at work. Instead of going to bed at a reasonable time, I procrastinate, watch videos or twitch streams until I fall asleep from exhaustion. It makes it impossible to work with a rested mind as I usually get 5-6 hours of sleep max. It doesn’t help that my assignments have been extremely boring lately.

So I usually feel low in energy. I’m struggling with finishing my tasks before the end of the sprint, which makes my anxiety even worse. It’s a self-defeating behavior.

Every night i’m telling myself that no matter what, I’ll go to sleep on schedule but I can’t help but bring my laptop in bed and watch videos or listen to podcasts.

I wondering if any of you have dealt with a similar issue.

Hi @monkeypatching - I identify with a lot of the behaviours you’ve described - it’s definitely something I’ve dealt with in the past. Have you heard the phrase ‘revenge sleep procrastination’? It’s apparently more and more common but is a way to seek taking back control of our free time by staying up for activities (often to our detriment). It often surfaces when we don’t feel stimulated or in control of our daytime hours.

Just something to consider as you mentioned your assignments lately have been on on the boring end of things.

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Something similar happened to me , it took the decision to leave my job after saving some good money . Now I´m relaxing , learning different technologies at my own pace and gaining confidence to get new and challenging jobs . Most of this behavior was triggered as I later discovered , for some degree of anxiety . My anxiety generated the procastination eluding my learning or work duties . The best way to get rid of this is confronting your fears and investing time in things that are making you insecure .