Any advice for someone scared to get on meds because of previous experiences?

I’ve pretty much have known for years I’ve had problems with depression and was diagnosed with add as a child. Ran away at 16 and spent around 10 years going absolutely apeshit on drugs; extacy, and party stuff to begin with but then full on heroin addict later on resulting in 3 years of rehab. Once I got out I starting working as a web developer and had at least my general needs in order but over the past couple years I’ve just started drinking more and more and can’t help finding all the things I’m passionate about boring except on rare occasions. I’ve considered going on meds but knowing my past I am pretty speculative on doing so. I’ve been on a couple anitdepressants in the past and they all either made me feel like a zombie or more depressed. This kinda scares me because I’ve tried to commit suicide in the past. Can anyone give me first hand experience with some more modern antidepressants? I’ve taken welbutrin, zoloft, and a few others in the past but have no experience with newer ones.

Lexapro was great for my depression but absolutely killed my libido. Wellbutrin is great my for libido but doesn’t treat my depression as well.

I know that many people take a combination of the two to balance things out.

First off… good on you for kicking that habit, my sister is battling with it right now so I can see firsthand how hard it is. So yeah, you should feel really good about yourself for that. And she has been prescribed anti-depressants, so the doctors probably think it is safe. Either way, make sure to disclose that to your doctor to be safe.

I am currently on Wellbutrin, Abilify and Zoloft for both anxiety and depression (among other things). I also take Concerta for my lifelong ADD. It has taken me 10 years to find the right combination, all thanks to the right doctor (who happens to mostly work with tech people). I ended up back on some of the more stable meds, but a lot of that has to do with the combination and my unique situation. Every person is going to experience things differently, so I wouldn’t assume to know what your experience would be like with any drug.

That said, I have been on Effexor (goodbye libido), Wellbutrin (first time around I took it on its own, and it did nothing for me), Amitriptyline (the worst, absolute zombie land), Cymbalta (was awesome the first time around, second time did nothing and killed my libido), and Celexa (I loved it actually, I just needed a switch due to the change in the dosage of my ADD meds).

Do your best to give your doctor the whole picture of how you feel, there may be something you are not thinking of. I didn’t really recognize my anxiety as something separate from my depression at first. A good doctor should work with you to make a decision as to what to try. And sometimes you have to take a combination of things to get it just right.

All I can say in truth is don’t give up, it might take some time, but once you find the right mix it can change your life.

While I don’t believe that it is possible for everyone to forgo medication I have just started a topic to discuss my experience with diet, sleep and exercise controlled Bi Polar II. It may not be relevant to your case at all but Im amazed at the things I am finding out about myself on this path. I will likely end up on medication because I don’t believe I can relieve all of the worse symptoms but I’m hoping to get a discussion going. The key I think is that no matter what you have to do something and any option that involves non medicating is going to involve a lot of effort for potentially only some of the rewards. Here is the topic