Battling depression

I was always bothered about, how I look, how others are distinguishing me. Anxiety for me was possibly superior to depression. It’s a terrible, perturbed emotion. I started losing a lot of weight and late realized that I had developed an eating disorder. But with some constant support and love from my family & friends helped a lot in this case and I started loving my life and gaining confidence day by day. I started overcoming it day by day with some recreational activities and some good blogs. Hope you guys also start thinking about the positives of our life rather than noticing the negatives. Please share some tips if you’ve been through similar experiences as I am helping other people going through such issues.


I love your post. Thank you. You share some struggles and some of the light you have seen as you look up from your anxiety and try (and try and try) to see the good and beautiful around you. My depression’s best friend was addictions and compulsions of various kinds for a while there. My anxiety came on strong after I spent some time sober. My advice might come from the recovery movement (or maybe not!) but I think it works for me on many levels. Just simple gosh darn daily gratitude lists. I had to force myself to do them for years. I didn’t think forcing myself to do it would have any benefit. I realize now that not only did those early, forced gratitude lists probably help me at the time, the real power was practicing a new behavior which led to a new way of thinking. Now I seem to be able to find things to be grateful for throughout the course of my days. And it helps.

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