Building cognitive distortion analyzer, open-src MH Tool

For quite some time I’ve had the vague idea/concept for an application that could be “spoken with” (you can submit text) that will then be analyzed and let you know what your language is saying about what you’re saying. I’m a newbie coder, learning in ruby / rails / javascript. An OpenAI api with scripts to take in the user’s “journal input”, then outputting an analysis of heightened indicators for basic cognitive distortions (B&W Thinking, catastrophising, jumping to conclusions, disqualifying the positive. etc)

is this anything worthwhile, is there already a project working toward this aim, would any one be open to helping me do something with this idea? I’d love to really invest time in to a worthwhile, for the MH community, project.

The idea is excellent, I am also looking for a tool which will help me to be mindful about myself.