Burned out, and depressed about that. All throughout the week

I’m a freelancing web developer, and I consider myself pretty good at JS, but it’s hard for me to get into my workflow. When I see the work of other people that I consider up to par with me, and their work is considerably more fleshed out and well written, I just feel disappointed with myself. I try to look up to them, but then I barely get the projects pushed past the initial commit. I’ve started so many tasks that I can’t even sleep, it’s bad enough that my folks force me offline. They never seem to understand that the day doesn’t let me work properly. My CPU, RAM usage shoot up, I’ve only got Chrome, Atom, and Slack open, and drastically different code styles halt my progress. I don’t have a portfolio, how do I make one when I don’t even have a minimum viable product? I get on Slack, and anyone I can actually talk to is sleeping on the other side of the world, and anyone close doesn’t relate to me. It’s another circle, and I need to get out of it. I’m pretty sure I’m burned out and I’m scared of unloading my problems onto people who are doing just fine, and getting ‘depressed’ all over again, stepping backwards with no improvement. I love making connections, with the hope of actually getting somewhere with what I have, but I’m not sure if I am.
How would I get out of this strange loop? Is the post written properly?

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