Can anyone recommend a Psychiatrist in NYC?

One of my 2016 goals was to make an appointment with someone who can officially diagnose me. I haven’t been diagnosed since my teens where I was diagnosed with clinical depression and put on Zoloft. I had stopped Zoloft after a few months and “winged” it ever since. But now I want to take the time to figure this out again.

I’ve been using my insurance’s website and all their numbers are just wrong! One number was a neurologist, another place didn’t HAVE psychiatry - this is getting super frustrating…

I left a voicemail at a number that I can only pray is a real doctor and not another dead end thanks to the outdated insurance site.

Does anyone see someone in NYC that they can recommend? That takes Aetna?

Thanks so much!

Lookup Dr. Madeline Naegle…she’s fantastic.
I haven’t seen her in a few years (I’ve since moved out of nyc), but I would presume she is still practicing.

You can get her contact info with a quick Google search.
Not sure about the insurance question, but she took mine at the time (which was not Aetna).

She teaches at NYU, if for some reason you found more than one Dr Madeline Naegle. Good luck.

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I found mine at ZocDoc and she is ok but I don’t have any major issue.

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