Can't eat, can't sleep, and I've lost my oomph


I was feeling pretty down earlier, but somehow our the other I straightened myself out

Sorry for posting so much, devpressed. I worry that I have used this like one would use a journal.

You’re fine. :wink: We all need to hear that we’re not crazy and that we have options from time to time. You’re going through a tough period right now, give yourself a break!

Also, I don’t know what your post originally said, but hooray to you for adjusting your mindset!

Thanks. For me, it’s been a roller coaster ride. I have several applications out there. Hopefully I’m able to get a new job before they let me go.

I read online that it’s really hard to get another job once you’ve been fired.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I was single, but I’m married with two children and a house.

It is hard for a software developer to make a living in my part of the world. This state is an agricultural and manufacturing state.