Clearing your mind of backlog of failures?

The core of the problem with my mood during work is that i remember and constantly remind myself of backlog of all my failures. More importantly this mind-set spans to all things i do, thus i’m constantly aware of the consequences of certain action i can choose to perform or not and often i start automatically dramatizing possible outcomes of any given situation.

If only i could reach the state of clear mind or at least push away these memories and all the anxiety about everything that will come if i fail, i would’ve possibly drastically improved my performance.

Also i figured that i’m living super-safe life. Always i plan ahead my escapes and excuses in case i fail (and i often do fail, because i expect failure, it is a default outcome for me) and if failure outcome doesn’t satisfy me i try to convince myself that its not as bad as it seems. So i’m naturally prepared to fail whenever i do something and i take it as given, with light mind and slight disappointment mixed with little joy of correct prediction (because i always “predict” my failure).

I’m sure my situation is not uncommon at all, in fact it is common and i think it should be resolvable.

PS: I’m sorry if this is a recurring post, i just felt like clearing my mind and expressing what i feel is the problem with me (and formalizing my thoughts in the process), didn’t felt like writing it into notepad.

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Hmmm, this sounds somewhat familiar… and reminds me of the stuff in “When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough” (ISBN13: 978-1-57224-559-4).
I didn’t make it through the book yet (too much other stress to deal with right now) but it’s useful to see some ways to change one’s self perception. Maybe some strategies from this book work for you.