Climbers? Boulderers?

<catharsis> Bouldering was some kind of psychotherapy for me. Did some V3/V4, sometimes a V5, mostly in a gym near my workplace. Wasn’t much into the grades, just enjoyed the moves. Four years ago I messed up my lower back, bulged & herniated discs at L4, L5 as well as some mess going on in my right sacroiliac joint - stopped bouldering three years ago, can’t even bend down since a couple of weeks. Did some ‘real’ psychotherapy for the last year, so don’t worry, I’m not going to harm me.

Now I’m climbing a ladder once and a while. I’ve been to Bishop and Joshua Tree without bouldering, not even got near a boulder. Now I sit in front of youtube and having some shots of uzo, mixed with beer and wine, which means I’m legally TUI (typing under influence) and watch “Ardarvin Climbs a Crack” over and over again - I’m fat now, muscles are long gone, shoulder hurts from doing ten push ups yesterday morning. I’m pissed with myself.

Sorry, needed to get this out there, I know there are worse problems on this rock. I’m just missing the moves… </catharsis>

Any of you guys bouldering?

Don’t let your physical restrictions keep you from climbing! Climbing is an uphill battle, literally, but never forget the joy you had when navigating freely on the rock! It’s a feeling that you miss and I completely understand.

I would stay away from bouldering at first, it’s a great power exercise but you’re more likely to hurt yourself doing it. Top roping will help you develop technique which is ultimately the best way to avoid injury. Don’t force anything, and only do super gnarly crux power moves when absolutely needed. The best climbers are the smartest, not strongest.

Get into shape. I’m constantly beat up, hurt back, cracking joints, strained neck- but I want to climb forever. It’s a gradual approach and a lifestyle change that is worth every minute. Build your life around climbing. Get psyched, be obsessed, and get addicted!