Dealing with traditionalism in the work place?

I was thinking about my career and some of the upper management I have worked with. I live in Indiana and it is fairly conservative/traditional state. This state traditionally votes for Republicans and Christianity is the popular religion in this state.

I feel like if I went and talked to a supervisor about anxiety/depression, they would tell me that they would pray for me or suggest that I go to church. For various reasons, I would turn to a psychologist and would forgo church.

I was curious if anyone else had experience something like this.

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First of all, being able to talk to your supervisor about any mental health condition is a big step (for many people). Make sure you’re comfortable with them. I’ve had bosses I couldn’t discuss this with because I just wasn’t comfortable. I’ve had bosses I could bare it all to and they said “Oh, I get it now”. It’s a dice roll. Prayer has it’s place in those who want it, but it isn’t the answer to everything, especially disease or illness. You’re not going to pray a fever away and I’m not going to pray my eyesight better so I don’t have to wear glasses.

Chances are your supervisor isn’t a therapist or licensed doctor that can tell you the best course of treatment for ANYTHING you mention to them. “Pray it away” may be their default reaction because they have no other reaction. Don’t let that dissuade you from seeking help from a professional.

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I also have a mental health condition. I see a therapist and a psychiatrist, and usually I don’t divulge too many details to my work. I prefer to keep things private and say that I have an appointment. Is there a reason why you need to confide in your supervisor about your mental illness? I would only do so if I were to be hospitalized. Getting treatment from mental health professionals first is a good way to go.

Best of luck to you.