Depression and physical fitness

Do you people think a personal trainer would be more helpful to their clients if they took Psychology classes?

I think there’s a lot of jobs out there that would benefit from a greater understanding of the human mind & the way different people tackle challenges.

Thank you Allison but my reference to personal training is due to the fact that there are many people join fitness to escape from emotional hard times in their lives.

I don´t think so ,
A trainer has a specific job related to physique , taking some classes instead of having a major could lead to a bad diagnosis of the patient in this case the person in training .
Maybe a psychologist or psychiatrist who also works as personal trainer could work.

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Thank you @jckhan.
I have a gym in which I’m looking into how to be of more importance to the community especially with matters mental health. I hope to get someone with some basic training in this area.

I’m not clear @Wise247. Are there really gyms that look into both physical and mental fitness? Is that what you’re saying? I joined gym for reducing my fat. And by time I realized that workouts in the mornings made me more fresh and active the whole day. I could feel the little difference in my mind voices. But that’s it. I don’t think trainers require psychology classes. Both are somewhat connected, but also are different fields.