Depression cripples me

I’ve been suffering from depression/anxiety/bipolar for a few years now, as we all know, its no fun. Anyways, I have been trying to go to the gym lately but I can’t seem to make myself. I seem to be crying every day lately and I definitely dont want that to happen in public lol. Anyone else ever get so god damn fed up with life they wish it would just stop? I’m not saying im suicidal but I definitely wish this would stop. I wish you could buy happiness. I feel like my mind is all over the place today. Cube was wrong, today is not a good day. haha. I’m just trying to see if ranting helps at all…

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I’ve definitely been there. It can be such a sludge.

Venting can totally help; that’s why forums like this exist. To feel less isolated in something that feels so solitary.

(I’ve recently also been trying to go to the gym to not much avail. I’ve found it is all about baby steps.)

I can definitely relate to this, not wanting to do any of the things I have to do either because there are so many things to do or because I’m afraid I’ll make a mess of them. Honestly, the gym sounds like a really good idea-- if I can lose myself in some music and find a good routine there it makes the rest of my day so much better.

I’m having a slump as well. My slump is a little different though. I’m cozy at this moment. I got a lot of things going for me. Doing fine with work, and I’m hitting the gym. Though there’s something still missing. Weekends I hangout with buddies by getting drunk and other things, but only to realize it has no worth and it’s just a constant escape. I feel like I want a relationship, but I can’t see myself in one. Then the worst part is I have so many chores piling up at home, this is probably the biggest issue where I’m having a hard time picking myself up.

I watched Groundhog Day the other… well… Groundhog Day lol. I feel like I’m just waking up everyday with nearly the same thing going for me except the weekends. I want to try to better myself, but every time I either get off work or the weekend hits there is nothing pushing me to do things for my own benefit besides working out.

It’s as though I feel like I’m just counting how many days I can live. Maybe long enough to see a catastrophic event, maybe long enough to find out that I have a disease like cancer, or hopefully long enough to hit a very elderly age. I feel like Rick in Rick and Morty, but without the constant ingenious ideas…

It looks like there are a number of different problems you’re dealing with. I can’t fix them all for you, but hopefully I can give you some suggestions.

  1. First, about going to the gym, I think that’s something most of us struggle with at least at some point. The big challenge with depression is that it makes you not want to do the very things that would help you feel better–exercise, eating well, socializing. For going to the gym in particular, I suggest you make it as simple as possible. Don’t go thinking you have to do an entire routine, just do one exercise. Stay as long as you feel comfortable, and then go home. Start by building the habit of going regularly and then you can think about the details of your workout. @whatTOdo I think this applies to you too: just do one chore, clean up one area of one room.
  2. Personally I’ve found that during my depressive phases, I want things to stop as well, not in the sense of wanting to end my life, but just that I don’t have the strength to deal with the outside world. I make it a point to have some solitude, just staying at home for a day or two, and not really talking or interacting until I feel better.

Hope that helps.