Depression med advice?

I’ve been on Zoloft for some 3 years. I got my dosage raised about a year ago I guess. I started at 50mg. I’m at 100mg now. I’ve started to digress some lately. I don’t want to have to get it raised every time I become immune. Any advice?

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Is it possible to build a tolerance for zoloft? Also, any particular reason why you don’t want to go up? I believe the max is 200mg so you still have room.

I’m really just assuming. I mean, that’s why I went up previously. I don’t like being dependent on medication, but if that’s all I have to complain about, that’s fine. I’m sure there’s a ceiling, probably the 200mg you mentioned. I’m scared of getting to that point and still needing an increase. I’m only 24. If I’m blessed enough to live another 50 years and I continue at this rate, do I have any other options other than be miserable?

That’s understandable. I don’t know what it is but I also felt the same way at first, that being dependent on the medication was just not right and “cheap”. Actually, even when I started first working out when I was 18 about 7 years ago I thought even protein powders were cheap and unnatural. But I think that’s just an unfair bias; if you have diabetes you wouldn’t view the need for insulin as a “cheap” cop out would you? You would realize that your body chemistry is just not completely correct for what you need to live a full life and thus you need to supplement/adjust it accordingly. Same deal with our mental health issues. Something about our brain chemistry is off and we need to adjust it with medications. I guess in our case we need more serotonin (I’m on zoloft too at 50mg).

Sorry if you’ve mentioned this previously but are you also doing therapy? The reason I started medication was so I could dull the edge my attacks had on me so that I could practice my CBT techniques as well as other things like relaxation, exercise, meditation,etc. I know the meds on their own won’t actually fix all my problems since they are deep rooted in my own system of beliefs, which I need to unravel and rewire. Otherwise I could see myself in your situation as well, having to raise my dosages as life gets harder and harder to cope with.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I’ve come to terms with having an illness, but if I had the option, sure, I’d rather not need medication. I haven’t had any therapy and don’t really plan to unless I digress enough to my college days. I do need to exercise more…or period. I’m terribly overweight. Winter doesn’t help either.

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Exercise has definitely been helpful but its alot easier in California. At first I just started with simple walks and slowly over the years got into weight lifting and running. I think the key is just to get up and do something, anything at first.

Yeah, that’s hard enough for me as it is; getting up and doing anything. Unfortunately, after work I usually just go home and play playstation or watch tv. Terribly frustrating and unproductive.

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It is definitely harder to get the foot out of the door during the winter but having a gym buddy or group classes can make you feel accountable.

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