Developer friendly support groups

I am a female in the software development field. I have issues like lack of self confidence , often depressed, gets overwhelmed by new tech stacks to keep up with and ignorance from male colleagues. I don’t have friends who can understand the frustrations in this field so most of the time I feel alone and suffer. I am glad to find this forum. Is this a right place to make some friends who understands ? I tried going to meet up groups and most of the time I will be the only lady and I feel very uncomfortable and stopped going. I feel that I need a support group/mentor. But I am not sure where to look for. I am not a very social person, I guess most of the developers are introverts. Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi @Neo_12,

I identify with most of what you’ve described; I rarely go to meet-ups because I don’t find they are the type of socializing environment I thrive in. I prefer a smaller group or meeting up one-on-one. Are there any Women in Tech groups in your region?

I will check for any local groups in area. Thanks for the info.