Devpressed is now OSMI Forums

Hey folks,

If you don’t know us, this is who we are: We are a non-profit org (just applied for 501c3) that works to improve mental wellness in the tech industry.

This is an unoffocial “soft” relaunch.

Here’s the tl;dr:

  • We asked if we could help Greg Baugues get back online. He suggested we take it over, because he hasn’t been able to dedicate time to keeping it running. So, we did. This is Greg’s creation, and he deserves all the credit.
  • Right now we just want to get things running. I’m sure there are things we can work on, but it’s important that this resource exists.
  • There are new mods. A couple from the existing OSMI volunteer group, and one person who hasn’t previously been part of the OSMI team. Mods are listed under About.

Stuff is still in flux, and the redirect from to isn’t up yet, but we are ready to open things up.

-Ed Finkler


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Great project! I’m from the Discourse team, and just wanted to say that if you’d like free Standard discourse hosting, gimme a shout!

p.s. I was unable to register with Google. GitHub worked fine though.


Really appreciate it, and the offer. We will look into it. Digital Ocean has generously provided hosting credit for us, so not urgent.

One of us will look into the Google signup thing. I probably goofed something.


Thank you for taking the time to do this. I’m glad this forum is back online