Devpressed listed on Software Dev Group

The new website for software developers and professionalization of the industry has a link to devpressed on their resources page

They seem to want devs to be listened to more in the workplace and to be fairly compensated. I think they have the right idea, a better workplace would result in less of these stressful issues we’re all dealing with!


Definitely. A main reason why I’ve pretty much lost my love for programming is not because I’m sick of the work, but because of the stigma it brings on me. Because of programming, I have few friends and none within a thousand mile radius. I have only had one relationship with someone (in another country) and I’m almost 30. Supervisors see you as just a developer and therefore your opinion on how a company should go doesn’t matter. And I’d love to know where people say programming is still lucrative. Other than working for a large company like Google or FB, most programmers/developers/software engineers I know don’t make much more than fast-food managers honestly…