Do psych meds impact your programming?

I was just wondering if anyone has had trouble with antidepressents slowing them down when it comes to coding. Do you notice any difference in performance?

I only notice a difference during the initial ‘ramp up’ time it takes for the med to kick in. It might be just me, but when I start taking a new antidepressant I am very sluggish and tired. I could literally sleep all day and night. But this wears off and after that I am fine. If it doesn’t wear off its usually a sign I need to try something new. I’m sure everyone has a different experience, though.

Sometimes. I don’t do antidepressants anymore. I’ve been through them all and most just made me headachey or had no appreciable affect at all. The last couple caused serious mental fog and there was no way I could program at all.

Different antidepressants tend to have different side effects. Some almost tend towards speediness while others seem to fall on the sedating side.

I’m not sure if it’s the antidepressants or not, but since I started taking them (soon a year ago) I’ve noticed that creativity has suffered while I’ve been better at completing tasks assigned to me.

To better describe it, I have a hobby project where I can be as creative as I like, and a day job where there is very little creativity required.

Before meds: could hardly stand day job, hardly got anything done. Enjoyed working on my hobby project a lot.

After meds: get the tasks done at day job. Can’t get myself to sit down and do things on my hobby project.

I think anxiety and creativity are connected in some way.