Dose anyone take Strattera?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone here takes or has taken Strattera. Starting it today as a replacement for Wellbutrin, which stopped working after a bunch of years. Have never taken this type of drug before and am wondering what to expect. I also take Nefazodone. Thanks :slight_smile:

Not me but please share your experiences!

I am on a high dose of WellButrin (450 mg but was 300 mg for long time) and Adderall XR (40 mg) and Adderall immediate release (2 x 10 mg).

(I am interested in switching to Strattera because it doesn’t require paper prescriptions like Adderall.)

I can answer us both. Was googling for cross references between Strattera and autism, and came across a post on my own website from 10 years ago. Apparently I have been down this road before and completely forgot about it.

Unfortunately, the only details I wrote down were that I had just started taking it and was tired and nauseous, but didn’t make a note of what other meds I was taking along with it or why I eventually stopped taking it.

Have been taking a very low dose of 10mg for a few days, and don’t feel much different other than being extra tired. I think full dose is 40-80mg, so it may be a while before I can tell if it is helping. Going to try 18mg next week, then 25, then 40, etc. until it starts working or side effects get too bad.

I will let you know what happens.

I got a paper prescription for the Strattera. Why is it different from Adderall? Is Adderall more controlled?

Hey! I take strattera for treating ADHD. I have had pretty good luck with it. It is not a stimulant, so I do not have stimulant-related effects that were problematic for me. I believe it is not thought to be prone to abuse, which is why I don’t have to show a driver’s license when I pick it up at the pharmacy (in Indiana).

I have found that, as part of my cocktail of meds, it has helped my ADHD symptoms considerably. The only bummer right now is that there is not a generic.

Here is the Wikipedia article on it, for what it’s worth:

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my son has autism & adhd and currently takes strattera. seems to be working well for him.

i took it for a short time a year or two ago and couldn’t deal with it. It made my testicles hurt all the time like they’d just been kicked, while simultaneously always feeling the need to urinate, yet having to push like hell to get it out. From what I understand this only happens in like 1% of cases though. I was asked “but did it help with your concentration?” and was like, “how would I know when this pain is distracting me all the time?”

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I used Strattera for a while. It worked great in the beginning, but the side-effects outweighed the positive effects in my case. Severe sleep issues, pains in the… lower regions and much more. I went back to Ritalin.

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Thanks everyone. My Straterra experiment failed just like it did 10 years ago. Tried it for for a couple of months, but had to stop. Felt very strange in my body. Could not tell if it helped me concentrate. Also got migraines much more severe and frequently than I usually do.

For the past few weeks, I have been taking generic Ritalin (methylphenidate), and that seems to be helping a lot more. Still on a small dose (5mg, 2x day), but my concentration and focus have improved some. Still not great, but getting more work done than I was before. I don’t feel any stimulant effects. Probably need to be on a higher dose, but like to take these things slowly. Will probably try 15mg/day after I see the doc on Monday.

My parents filled a prescription for it when I was about 11 or so. I couldn’t take it, since it made me nauseous. We had to try something else. I’m sure it works for some people, but it’s not for everyone.

I have been taking straterra for good 3 months now it is working well on me it keeps my ADHD well controlled. I came to notice the difference of myself with or without taking it, i used to be so tired after all being hyper during the day and i just crashed and fatigued by the evening, Things got better with me i am more fully aware ‘focused’ with my task and i get them done on time. The only downfall with this drug is i always forget to eat and it can really cause a loss of weight and also my mornings can be nauseous but all in all i worked for me.