Dropout developer making my introduction to the forum


About 9 months ago I attempted to write an intro on this forum, but for some reason the server was giving me issues, decided to come back and it looks like the community is okay!

I wanted to introduce myself, I am/was a 26 year old web developer gone dry about almost a year ago. I was in the industry for about 4 years doing front-end work and support, and it just hit me that I wasn’t going anywhere as a person. Since then I have been in a very isolated place mentally and somewhat physically, attached myself to substance and habit abuse which now I’m beginning pulling away from it. One of my problems that I am confronting is that I haven’t been able to communicate about it. Feeling not good enough and being stuck in learning new skills have been a haunting for me these days.

So what’s next? Well, I would like to build up my confidence to the point where I can be approached and reach out and be useful in the world again. Possibly map out some things I could put my effort into.

What is a top priority for me is finding some freelance work or long term work opportunities, or possible projects that could be worthwhile. Currently, I have been dealing with an endless supply of recruiters telling me that have opportunities, but it seems like I don’t have the courage to follow through.

I’m hoping this is a place where I am able to discuss, make some progress, and new friends :slight_smile:

Also - If possible I’m thinking of making (or we alread have) a thread to find ‘programming buddies’ that can help us maybe organize some of our skill sets and see if we can team up and venture on some things together.

Thank you for reading,

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Yes hello.

Like what? Maybe I can find something worth doing, or maybe I can find someone who likes one of my extant ideas enough to make me feel like it’s worth pursuing.

Liam, thank you for responding.

I’m open to doing anything small to large when it comes to ideas.
More importantly, I would like to find like minded people to help organize some collective thoughts and see what we can do to improve ones (ours) confidence on developing.

Like for example, I’ve been making small progress on a youtube ripper and website scrubber built in node.js. I think if possible a code review and people who are willing to hash ideas out for further developing it would be a great breakthrough.

I joined this forum with the same expectancy of finding fellow programming buddies as well!

I would like to see that code myself, those projects seem interesting enough, specially if they’re written in node :wink:

I wished there was a place like this forum, but chat oriented (not PMs), that would be great.

PM me if you want to contact me.

Well it should be easy enough to start a #devpressed IRC channel on freenode or some such; assuming it doesn’t already exist.