Eat healthy while being on the road

If you’re a consultant who lives in hotels you may be able to help me out. My psyche depends on good and healthy food. Being on the road, living in hotels makes eating healthy seem impossible to me. Eating sugary junk will make my depression worse.

Currently I’m with a large client who has no cafeteria, nor is there some store in the near vincinity where I could grab some greens or other healthy stuff. My diet consists of sandwiches (usually only meat on bread, no salad) or an apple and yogurt as the ‘healthy option’. Being in germany, there usually are no fridges in hotel rooms as you’d expect in the US.

I found stuff like brokkoli, brussel sprouts, spinach plain or in coconut curries helps me best, calms me and lets me think clearly. Salads, well, sound healthy but it makes me feel stuffed and bloated when eaten in the evening.

Does anyone of you have an idea how to cook or prepare healthy food in advance so I can bring it with me without the food gets rotten and me throwing it away because of the possibility of an anxiety induced food poisoning :confused:? I’m a twenty century’s child and have no idea how people lived an survived without a fridge.

Btw. not eating isn’t an option…

p.s. though of intermittent fasting and going out in the evening - anyone has experience with that?

I’m the same way. Unfortunately I usually find myself buying salads from restaurants and getting the dressing on the side. It gets old really fast. Some burger places or sandwich places will let you get one wrapped in lettuce rather than the bun which can be helpful. I also like to take protein shakes with me if I know I won’t be able to eat. There is a brand called premier protein that does not require refrigeration and is very high in protein and is sweetened with sucrolose. Good luck. That’s a hard situation.

I do know that feel - can’t live (and function at work) without greenies or fruits. I try to make lunch at home whenever it’s possible. There are many restaurants around our office, but I try to limit my daily calories, so eating out everyday is not the best option in this case.
Egg boilers, small personal smoothie blenders and fridge-to-go bags may be of help. Also search Amazon for stuff like this (you’d also want a small saucepan to use with that). But in the end, if you want to have fresh food, you’ll have to find a supermarket anyway.