Educated, Unemployed, Depressed and need help

So Basically, i have a Bsc. In Environmental Engineering and an Msc in Public health. I have applied to countless of places and yet no replies not even an interview. I do not have any job experience due to this in my career path but i have job experiences in customer care and management as i have done some temporary jobs in such fields just to keep my mind busy. Sometimes i feel useless and that education was just a waste of my investment as i had to sink in millions to get educated abroad yet nothing to show for it. I battle depression and anxiety on a daily if not hourly basis and not even family or friends know because i smile and pretend like everything is alright. I sometimes wonder if this is the life path created for me or have i done something really wrong somewhere, i am devastated to say the least and i don’t really know if there’s a light at the end of this tunnel for me or is this tunnel my fate.
I’m just pouring my heart out hear where i think noone knows me, i have cried and had so many sleepless nights and i decided to pour my heart out here so if i do something to myself someday someone might know why.