Endless Loop (Little Story about Guilt and Distorted Perception)

Yesterday I met a friend who works at a supermarket. He asked me to help his wife unload antiques from her van, she just came back from france buying this stuff and her husband had to work until late that evening. I called her but she did not answer, so I decided to drive by and help. She was drinking some coffee and invited me to join her. As usual the espresso was perfect. Then we unloaded the van, it took us two hours to get most stuff done.

She was very happy that there was a helping hand. Well, so far so good…

…then I felt guilty for interrupting her coffee break.

Wait! Do I really feel guilt for helping? Really? C’mon! Then, I felt bad for feeling guilty and then I felt bad for feeling bad, endless loop started…

I know where this sh.t comes from and the person who caused it. I’m getting better with handling these exceptions, but it takes time…


That’s such a nice gesture to drop by and help unload their van. It’s the sort of task that goes so much faster with assistance + good company, both of which it sounds like you provided.

The endless loop. SO FAMILIAR. The ability to reanalyze a situation to find a small pebble of something that could have potentially gone askew. It is helpful that you know the origin and you’re right, it definitely takes time to sort out. And some instances are able to be caught on a loop more easily.

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