Engineering/programming ruined my life


My brother plays some games that I can’t tolerate even 10 minutes of them but he enjoys them and plays for hours and hours. We are both programmers. I did some programming and made an android app and I don’t enjoy programming anymore but my brother loves it and it’s like reading a story for him. I found I could enjoy programming if I create mind map of the classes and methods etc but that’s time consuming and is not what companies like to do because they want their job done as fast as possible so I decided to leave the programming and seek for the major that I could enjoy doing it. My major was biology and I like study molecules in chemistry at least it was and still is enjoyable to do chemistry and read stuff like that. The reason I end up as a programmer was money and no job opportunity for biologists thanks to the years of sanctions and pressures on Iranian people from the brutal western policy and having a stupid government. Do the job that you enjoy. Do meditation and always remember we are here to evolve. Our spirits have to evolve so we feed our spirit during the lives and inside different bodies (man, woman). The purpose of the Creation is spirit evolution not those stuff that religions say. Keep yourself together and don’t worry everything will become free with the help of AI and free energy. Learn about Billy Edward Albert Meier.