Feeling like stupid programmer on earth

Today was worst day of my life, i have interview scheduled with major company at 4 and all day i am working as “programmer” for a small group in huge auto company . I wrote barely 100 lines over nine months. New hired tech lead at this company found really major and stupid bug in my code which is on prod now. But business never complained about or knows it. I was so stressed by the end of the day, i thought about cancaling interview. So i went outside of office floor. While coming back i thought door is locked and i am locked outside. I tried call for help. My co worker didn’t pick my calls. I got so angry. Someone came out then i got it. Later on that co worker said sorry and he showed door wasnt locked ever. Everyone was around laughing. I did email and canceled interview and cried a lot. I hate my current workplace , work and whole career as a programmer. My manager doesnt give shit about me since i am not much "people " person. No doubt my co worker is good at his job. But i wasn’t this dumb who will write wrong if statement after almost 2 years of experience. I feel like this place made me lose my skills . I can’t go back to previous workplace.

Calm down, breathe, stop panicking… No one thinks you’re as bad as you think you are, people don’t think about other people as much as you think they do, they don’t give a shit, they laugh for a moment then it’s gone. 2 years… We have people who’ve been in the game for 5 years and don’t know shit. So first of all so beating yourself down evert time, you got locked out… It’s OK, you cancelled the interview its OK, you’ll get a call again… Just stop being so serious about it… Take it easy…


Thank you Karan these words helps a lot. I want to do my work as best as i can. My manager never seemed to care about my efforts or time.