Feeling stuck with tasks - this works for me


I am a software engineer and a freelancer, almost 40.
I have problems like the imposter syndrome, slow development etc etc.

But what I wanted to share, and what might help some in similar situations, is that when I am feeling completely stuck with a task, especially when starting one - when I just hate the thought of starting it, I just switch to another one - one that feels easier in that moment. Most of the time it works, because I feel different about different tasks in different moments of time.


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I hear you. At home I have a post-it taped to my monitor that simply says “do SOMETHING!”

Sometimes you just gotta get moving on anything to break that inertia.

Unfortunately I can’t have the same post-it taped up here at work, cuz, well, you know, how would it look if the boss saw that you had to constantly remind yourself to do something.