Frequently Asked Questions

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Emergency Resources

As someone who did need help at one point, I am glad someone else
decided to do something instead of keeping quiet. @allisbe

In the event of an emergency, dial 911 or present to your closest ER or call:

National Hopeline Network

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
•LifeLine Chat•
Online Emotional Support
Hours Vary - Approx
12hrs daily / 7 days

What should I do if I know someone is struggling?

When in doubt, err on the side of caution and make sure you are not the only person who knows that somebody is struggling. Here are some good articles with some good suggestions:

  1. What to do when you think someone is suicidal
  2. Mayo Clinic article on Suicide

via @JBMarter

What’s the difference between a LCSW, LCPC and a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is an MD who can write prescriptions. An LCPC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and an LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social worker–both are masters level therapists who can counsel but not prescribe meds. They often refer to a psychiatrist and collaborate if a medication would be helpful. If you have never been prescribed psych meds or aren’t sure if you need them, a therapist is a good place to start. via @JBMarter

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