Group or organization producing FOSS for mental well-being?


Hi all,
does anyone know if there are any groups or organizations out there that are committed to creating FOSS for mental well-being?
I’ve been thinking of starting something like this myself and am trying to see what is already available
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I haven’t found anything. But would be curious to learn more.


Out of interest what sort of software would be useful for this?


Something on my radar lately has been the fundraiser for the Aloe App

There’s also Koko which isn’t probably quite what you mean but thought it was worth sharing regardless.


Thank you for the question, i created this self-compassion app for Android:

Also in this softwarereqs question i brought up some other applications:

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Hi again, i’ve now set up this web site which lists some of the projects i’ve started:

If you are interested in helping out please feel free to contact me using slack or email (contact details are at the bottom of the page)

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Ah, thanks. These are good suggestions.


You might be interested in a FOSS project on GitHub called if me.

I started contributing to development a month ago, the project was started in 2014.

The link above is to the GitHub project page; the link to the web site is in the README