Hated by the whole team

I’m on a team with a bunch of girls who hate me because I’m “mean”. They spread things that I didn’t even say and that’s why they all don’t like me. I’m not sure what to do but I can’t take it mentally anymore

Hmmm, I never have heard of something like this, other than in some kind of adolescent scenario. It has to be totally frustrating.

If this is a work thing, find out what your true value to this is and decide to move or learn to adapt…the latter might be impossible for some, but never not consider. It might be better to learn from these savages so you end up not being one.

What I am taking away from this is that you might just be too good for that group. The ‘noise’ that you keep getting locked on might be something you can leverage to find where else you can be capable.

I always make the analogy, feeling like a wolf among the cattle, being highly adaptive they don’t see that you aren’t a cattle, but deep down you see the fence around them.