Hello, I'm a developer with many-an-anxiety issue

I heard about the Open Sourcing Mental Illness initiative at the PHP UK Conference this year, and thought it would be a good thing to get in touch with you all here, and anyone who turns up in future.

I’m a self-taught developer in the UK, and work in a small business in a team of two. I’ve only relatively recently worked professionally as a developer, and sort of fell into the job while working in a different role in the company, having done web development tinkering as a teenager for personal projects.

I’ve suffered with mental health issues throughout my life (28 now), most affectingly a severe phobia of vomiting (emetephobia), which is the root cause of a variety of extra problems (:slight_smile:) including social anxiety and bouts of intense panic, OCD, and other generalised anxiety.

I’ve tried to get help for my issues a few times in the past, but for one reason or another have ended up back where I started. I aim to seek some help for it again soon. I’m lucky to work for a very understanding company who I know will support me if I need anything from them by way of support in doing so. I know others here probably aren’t so lucky, and I know what that feels like, having worked for a good few uncaring and impersonal national companies in a variety of crappy roles before finding my calling.

Anyway, this rambling is basically saying “hello, I promised myself I’d post on this messageboard when I was at the PHP UK Conference, and here it is”.

Hi @danabrey, welcome!

It can definitely be a difficult process to get started on reaching out for extra help and resources but so worth it (& hopefully with some momentum, it will lessen in difficulty over time…). It is also great you have an employer who is supportive.

Feel free to share any resources you find on your journey; I’m sure others here (UK-based or otherwise) would benefit from them.