How do I keep my lows from being too low?

I’ve tried St Johns Wort, I’ve tried crushing up some allergy mediciation that contain 5mg of anti-depressants, I’ve tried not having energy drinks or caffiene, I’ve tried sleeping more, I’ve tried going for more walks, but nothing works.

How do I keep the low from being so low that it prevents me from doing anything that I usually enjoy or care about?

That’s sad to hear that your efforts aren’t working. I’m wondering what your doctor has suggested.

Maybe do some sports. I mean some kind of sport which exhaust you. The emitted endorphins should make you pretty happy and self-satisfied. Running, climbing. Sleeping more is not a good way to get rid of depressions. It usually inceases them. To walk is a good start. But there is not a big chemical reaction in your body. I suggest sport. Even if it is annying to do it. You will feel much better if you truly do it.

I think you’re right to cut down on caffeine, go for walks, sleep more, etc. That isn’t enough though. I don’t know what else you should try, but I thought I’d say that I’m dealing with similar problems. I’m sure there are other solutions out there.

I have to cut out alcohol. Coffee and caffeine haven’t been an issue and don’t have much relation to my mood. Sleeping more than 5hrs/night is kinda working, going for walks is also helping. I’m starting to read a book on learned optimism to see if it can keep my mood from being too low.