How long did it take before you felt like you were halfway contributing?

I’ve worked here almost 6 months and just dont feel like Ive made any contribution. It’s my first dev gig, but it’s depressing.

Depends a lot of external factors.

My current org expects 1yr of ramp-up because of the whole company’s complexity (tech x business x politics); but our team is small, heavily based in OSS and barely touching other internal systems, so one junior new-hire started contributed in his first month. Still, when I talk to him more freely, I can sort of feel he would like to deliver more, implement new idea, bring existing technologies onboard, etc. Not sure if that’s your case but talking to your peers and managers can sort of calibrate your own expectations, the sooner the better.

Good luck and stay hungry.

I feel like theyve somewhat exposed me to a lot of different applications and things, but really Ive only been doing smaller enhancements