How not to panic during code tests in interviews

I’m relatively new to the web development industry and one thing that is scaring the crap out of me is having to do code tests during job interviews. I had a job interview recently for a front-end dev position at a software company and I had to do 2 code tests in front of a panel of people. They had hooked up my computer to a large screen so they could see what I was doing. My brain kept freezing I was so nervous under all that scrutiny and it took me longer to do the tests than I would have if no one was watching me. I was able to complete the tests but I’m afraid that I looked so unconfident that it hurt my chances of getting the job.

I know this is gonna be a common thing when I apply for other jobs in the future. How can I best prepare for this situation?

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I found another post about this that has some good advice. Coding challenges in job interviews