How to properly setup sponsor funding for an open source project in Canada?!

Hi folks:

I am completely out of my depth on how to properly setup GitHub sponsorship for funds intended for project-related expenses.

Currently I have patrons who prefer sending directly to my bank account and yet they are filing them as consultancy fees. This creates a serious problem for me when I am trying to apply for ODSP which I desperately need to be able to restructure all the messes and start moving forward with my life. They are considering all the business related transactions as personal expenses.

Obviously if I was not struggling just to keep myself from being on the street I would have had bandwidth to avoid getting into the mess in the first place. But for the past 7 years, that bandwidth kept eroding, and I ended up broke and surviving somehow when I was bombarded with payments to the CRA after they made revisions to my best efforts to file taxes.

What changed recently for me is that I was finally referred to case management, which was being blocked by my psychiatrist who insisted I was more than able to work in Starbucks but that I needed to fix my perspective and let go of my ambitions which are far beyond someone with my mental health problems :frowning:

Now that I finally closed the door on the 19 years of misdiagnoses, I am trying to fix things. I went out of pocket for a comprehensive assessment to get autism diagnosis document on my file. I am also applying for ODSP and trying to get my trillium coverage sorted out.

All I want is to make sure that what I do, as marginally ambitious as it may be in the grand scheme of things, that it is funded and that I am not forced to give up what I love to do because I am without the means to figure out how to properly account for what is personal earnings and what is money used for business related expenses (like hardware, services… etc).

Thanks for your help with ideas on where to begin :heart: