I am a computer science student in a lawless poor country with next to no CS jobs. with no way to move out

First of all please excuse my english ( it’s not the best ), also i am not looking for a handout or a job offer i just want to do what i love for the rest of my life which is writing computer programs i’ve been studying in computer science for almost a year now i’m from libya a lawless country in the middle east the education here is really bad like we didn’t learn binary and how to do math with it because our teacher was incompetent but i am not blaming her or anyone else for my failure there’s only one person to blame which is me.

Getting outside this country is a nightmare ( i am going to keep the rant about my country short because i know this isn’t the place for it ) a 1 USD here costs about 6.8 times the local currency so to get a plane ticket which won’t go under 800 dollars i will need to pay almost 7 times as much for it not mention the expenses for living and how to get a visa assuming that i will get one , for you to get a visa to another country here and depending on the country it could take from months even years for it to get even looked at and it will probably end in rejection.

And even if i get there the job opportunities will probably be horrible, i come with a questionable degree from a questionable country i don’t think any one will hire me.

I want to be a web developer it’s my favorite thing to do but i am too poor to buy a domain name and build a portfolio website and i am also to depressed to work on anything so yeah.

I just feel so lost. thanks for reading.

Hi @mProgrammer,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling so lost; the situation you described sounds really frustrating to be embroiled within. I admire that you know you want to be a web developer so badly. Is it possible for you to look into smaller type remote gigs to build up some rapport and confidence within your abilities?

Maybe instead of diving into development full-time, you can ease in a bit more gradually and that will ease some of the pressure.

{P.S. Lots of developers don’t know binary or how to do math with it - there’s all sorts of sub-niches out there!}

Hi thanks a lot for replying back, i know i am about two months and a half late to write back but i’m sorry things been kinda rough.

i have been coding for fun for the last two years now, but ever since i got serious about it i have been doing it 5 to 6 hours a day. i feel like my efforts are fruitless.

even though i have a project ready to release on github, i’m just so terrified of how people will judge it, i am pretty sure it has so many things wrong with it, i never tested it for performance issues before.

Anyways just thanks for answering and helping me out.