I am a failure who cant do anything right

Hi, my name is Roy, I am currently pursuing software engineering degree. I am currently in depressing mode because I always think that I am a failure. Just recently the examination results were published, my friends all got good scores, except me, my results considered below average, which really breaks my heart because I study pretty hard for both assignments and the exams. During the examination period, I did my revision from morning to midnight, while I heard my friends just did the revision half day before the exam, logically they got good grades do not make any sense to me. Every time in class when the lecturer is teaching, I’m in full attention but I still can’t understand what the lecturer is teaching, I need a person explain it to me a few times to understand it, but my friends can understand it very quickly right after lecturer were done explaining.

And then I have come to a conclusion that I might be a retarded person who cant absorbs any knowledge at all, I am having problem to solve even a simple logical problem, although I’ve read many books my comprehension and analytical skills suck balls, very poor critical thinking skill. I am now 21 years old, I am about to work after I finished my level 3 degree(1 more year), now I am working very hard to fix my weakness that I should have fixed 10 years ago, am I late? What should I do?

You’re not late by any measure, I’m 29 and still struggling with life. Just take it easy, don’t push yourself so hard, scores are not life, some people take time to understand things, that does not mean they’re stupid !


+1 to hydroweaver

When you start working, no one will care what score you got on some project. People just have different comprehension methods. I know it’s tough not to compare yourself to others but just try to keep at it and not get discouraged. It’s probably a good position you’re in. At some point everyone is smacked in the face with a challenge. For me, that was college. I cruised in high school and had to learn how to do learn in college. You’re now figuring out how to cross the bridge and your peers may be disadvantaged down the road as you are now when they’re faced with something they don’t understand.